Tenacious Queens Connect, Collab, and Collect Coins!
Throughtout the years of building my profitable business I constantly desired a safe space I could continously elevate my strategies and business practices while connecting with Queen sisters who I can trust to support me on my business journey. Unfortunately, that support was no where to be found. Everytime I invested in long-term coaching programs I would get bored and/or feel like that $2,000 payment per month was a waste of resources. The regret and condemnation was eating me up alive. 

This is why I created the Tenacious Queen Inner circle. Its not as costly as traditional VIP services BUT has more SUPPORT and PARTNERSHIP opportunities than a VIP Coaching package could ever provide. You'll see your Return on Investment much faster because you will be IMPLEMENTING at a much faster rate during our monthly Mastermind calls AND you will be able to book VIP sessions with a coach on the Tenacious Queen Academy team for further guidance/support. We currently have a Tech, Content, and Book Publishing expert right at your finger tips at NO additional investment! 

In addition,  you'll be in a room with women you CAN trust and partner with because they are already investing in themselves and they have been screened to be apart of the Tenacious Queen Academy Sister Tribe!  

Finding partners and support can be a BEAST! I had to FIRE 7 People in 2018 and someone was even trying to take my clients from me. IT WAS CRAZY!! I don't want you going through that type of Hell, Queen! The path has been paved for you to take your business to the next level without all the hassle!

Tenacious Queen Inner Circle is a perfect space for those who value the connection of Queen Sisters as they uplevel their life and business. This space is perfect to learn and apply the Positioned2Influence Sales System in order to ERADICATE generational poverty curses & become a 6-Figure Queen Boss! In addition, you will have access to an exclusive membership site which houses video modules from previous sessions from Guest experts AND have access to LIVE Masterminds every month to achieve the financial success you desire AND deserve! 

Do you have what it takes to be a TENACIOUS QUEEN?
The Tenacious Queen Inner Circle will be the one-stop source to learn how to COMMAND REPEAT CLIENTS , Position yourself to Influence your tribe, and become a 6-Figure Queen Boss! I know you truly value the connection with Queen Sisters as you BOSS UP to millionaire status! That is why I had to create this AMAZING space! I know you are ready to build your Legacy passionately while impacting the world with your brilliance. This year is all about MASSIVE IMPACT! They say you are the representation of the 5 people in your circle. Well, my Tenacious Queens are POWERFUL and DYNAMIC and taking charge of their destiny! Will you join us? 
To ensure NO QUEEN GETS LEFT BEHIND...I am seeking a tribe of other Boss Queens who are willing to step forward and empower one another. Support one another as Queen Sisters and reach out to each other when they need services for their businesses. Like Oprah said, OUR TIME IS NOW!!!

Tenacious Queen Soro Inner Circle will be the PERFECT source to learn how to determine the unique Product for your Soul Client, develop a Price that supports your lifestyle mission, and Position your services online with confidence to COMMAND REPEAT CLIENTS! 
Get all the tools you need to be a Powerful Influencer who earns $1K days with Ease and Flow! 
Here's What you get as an Inner Circle Queen...
  •  Monthly Queen B.O.S.S Mastermind Calls to get the support and connection you need to achieve 6-Figures!
  •  Quarterly VIP Sessions with a Tenacious Queen Coach of your choice (Tech, Content, or Book Publishing Strategists-You have everything you need in the room!)
  •  Partnership Pricing with your fellow Queen Sisters (You will never pay more than the public)
  •  Sales Scripts, Content Templates, Budget Worksheets, Money Mindset Lessons
  •  Monthly Queen Sister Spotlight- Opportunity for your brilliance to be showcased for additional marketing/exposure
  •  Unlimited Access to ALL LIVE Sales Classes including Q&A
  •   Opportunities for your Brand to be showcased for exposure & partnerships
  •  25% off TQ Apparel Line 
  •  25% off Quarterly Incubators (Vegas/LA/New York)
  •  20% off VIP Services (12 month VIP package currently is $30,000)
  •  15% off Events/Retreats (Bali, Indonesia September 2019)
  •  Exlcusive Private FB Group to ask questions and connect with like-minded Queens
Join Tenacious Queen Sorority now!
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